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Blowing Two Cocks in the Washroom


Here is a short story about my night. Enjoy! It was a normal Thursday night, I went to A&W for dinner, I ordered a burger and fries and sat in a booth to enjoy my meal. It was 6:30 and the place was surprisingly empty, a few Indian guys and a young couple were the only other customers. I had sat in the booth closest to the washrooms, I gave it no thought. I finished up my burger and slowly ate my fries while browsing instagram. Two guys came in and I glanced up at them. They looked like they just got off work, some sort of construction job I guessed based on their clothes. The first guy w… Read more

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Beep beep him I keep picturing you naked, in my bed, orgasming against my tongue Beep beep him Want to come over for a glass of wine, a back massage, and the wildest sex of your life? Beep beep him Seeing your smile is such a turn-on I love your lips Beep beep him Wrapped around my cock Beep beep him Sorry I love your smile You have beautiful lips Beep beep him I love it when you Slide your lips over my shaft Your warm wet beautiful lips Beep beep him Wake up Beep beep him What are you doing? Beep beep him Are you asleep? Beep beep him Are you coming over? Beep beep him I’m… Read more

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My Stepfathers Secret.

Gay MaleTabooMature

This is a work of fiction. When I was 19 my mother remarried, I didn't think much of him at first, 43 years old and greying, you know the type of man. It took me until I was 25 and he 49 for me to finally realise something. I was in lust with him. He kept himself fit, exercising at least two hours a day whenever he had the time, I caught a glimpse of him naked once when he was changing and I passed by without realising, I saw his body. For his age, he was hot. I couldn't deny it and I knew I wanted it. I had dreams of being on my knees in front of him, licking his shaft and tak… Read more

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First date with new Black Daddy continued...

Gay MaleAnalInterracial Sex

Darron sat on the edge of his king sized bed looking at me standing in front of him. I edged myself between his thick legs and ran my hands through his beard while we kissed passionately. His room was big and masculine with a dark wood bed frame and furniture. i pulled his shirt off over his head and he held my hips and pulled me down on top of him while he fell back. His thick build dwarfing me and i rested comfortably on his hard body feeling his huge cock brushing up against my belly was driving me wild. We inched further up the bed until we were both fully on it, our naked bodies grindin… Read more

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Daughter in law


Daughter in law by coleman©O The original story can be found at I have changed the names. Well here he was, Morris Arkard, 65, 5' 10'' with a paunch belly, going bald and widowed for 5 years. After his house was sold, he was forced to come and stay with his 30-year-old son and his daughter in law. He now had to spend a whole month with the young couple until he found a flat. He knocked on the front door and his 29 year old daughter in law Barbara appeared, wearing a pair of tight sky blue shorts and a white tee shirt. Her styled straight shoulder length brunette hair parted… Read more

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Summer by the river


It was late in the afternoon when i left work, quite fed up with all the sh_t happened that day. I was not exhausted, but i really needed something to take my mind off of things, to relax. So, i just rode my bike, with no idea where i should be going. I didn't wanted any friends around, nor did i want to be completely alone. Since it was a hot summer day, i finally decided to go for a swim in the river. There's a quite nice sandy beach near town, where the river takes a turn, with beer stands and sports facilities. There was quite a crowd there having fun, all ages, families, couples, etc. It… Read more

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Compliments Matter

First TimeGay MaleShemale Porn

The huskular man walked into the bar. It was still happy hour. He loosened his tie. He’d left the suit coat in the work truck. He was tired from a long day, one in which he was passed over for a promotion by a less qualified woman. He took a seat and waited for the bartender to come over. Just a few hours later he was banding the shit out of a 20 year-pld pussyboy. “Oh my god, Mr. Mullins! Fuck me,” the tiwnk whined. “Yeah, boi! Take this cock,” barked the man. He thrust his 7-inch-by-6.75-inch dick into the raven-haired emo boi with the wispy haircut. The sissy cried out, “Oh my god! I a… Read more

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Samantha and Hannah - Twins Summer Fun, Part 4

Lesbian SexTaboo

Samantha finally broke the kiss and pushed Hannah back onto the bed, “My turn now,” she whispered. “My turn to cum,” she added. Samantha straddled Hannah's body and positioned herself kneeling across her chest. Hannah looked up at Samantha's face and then her gaze dropped to her mound and damp swollen lips. Samantha shifted forward until she was kneeling over Hannah's face and then she reached down and pulled her pussy open, spreading her lips wide. Hannah looked at Samantha's vagina, her spread lips, her clitoris poking from its protective hood and her inviting depths so wet and glisteni… Read more

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Samantha and Hannah - Twins Summer Fun, Part 3

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

Samantha leaned forward again and kissed her again, this time with more passion, she cupped Hannah's cheek as she did so. Hannah felt the soft lips of Samantha's on hers and then her tongue flicking against her lips, pressing against them gently. She let her mouth open allowing Samantha's tongue to dart into her mouth. Samantha pressed her lips harder against Hannah, the kiss becoming more passionate. She let her hand slip from Hannah's cheek, she traced down across her shoulder and onto her chest. Her fingers lightly rubbing across her flesh moving slowly across the soft skin of her breast.… Read more

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Christmas vibe

Interracial SexShemale PornTaboo

Isnt this time of the year great ! looking at my freshly shaved small white girly body in the mirror my cute fairy pink kit i received from amzone on the counter eager to feel it around me and how i always feel sexy and ready to suck nice daddies getting out of the shower smelling girly coconut , only wearing my hello kitty chastity cage putting on my little collar with the QoS little trinket , the cute little camisole with Disney tinker bell and the very cute made for sissy girl string, with a pink ring over my pussy , snap on pins on the outer edge, taking the fairy pink toy toward the r… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part124

VoyeurHumorGroup Sex

Everyone was excited over Carol's announcement. Liz pulled her over between her and Clara, and both mothers were hugging her, tears streaming down their faces. "OH, SWEETIE!!! We're SO proud o' ya'! How far did he say ya were?" Carol looked at her Mom. "Doc said, best he can tell, he had me go up fer an ultrasound, I'm right around 2, maybe 3 months along. He said that, right now, it's not much bigger than my two fists put together. He tole me that he can get a heartbeat, USUALLY, at 8 or 9 weeks, so he will know more in a few days. He tried, but all he could hear was mine. He said it was thum… Read more

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Samantha and Hannah - Twins Summer Fun Part 2

Lesbian SexVoyeurTaboo

Samantha moved down Hannah's legs, continuing to rub the lotion in to her and then after massaging the last of the oil into Hannah's feet she lay back on her own lounger, “There, hope you enjoyed that.” “Mmm, yes thanks,” she finally answered. They shared the bottle of wine and relaxed in the sunshine, Hannah relaxed even more, her eyes closed as they chatted about nothing in particular. The warmth of the sun, the wine and Samantha rubbing the lotion into her body made her feel rather sexually excited. The sky darkened a little as some clouds formed, “I hope they soon pass, I'm sure they wi… Read more

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Hello, today rainy and with nothing to do, well I write this to accumulate all those things that I think and things that are happening and all those questions without answers that my head asks and sometimes has no answers or has many and He doesn't know which one is right and I thought that writing I might find some. First and foremost, what is life? According to my point of view, life is a mirror and what is behind the mirror or within it or as it is best understood, are souls in which we reflect, there is even good, but I wonder if those souls in the which do we reflect or see each other, ar… Read more

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The birthday present

First TimeHardcoreMature

In the dusk of early evening I knocked on the front door and soon Ken answered it. “Good evening Ken. Your parents asked me to keep an eye open for you while they were away, although since your last birthday you are technically a man now, so you should be able to look after yourself! May I come in for a few minutes?” “A coffee? thank you, but I brought a bottle of wine with me, if you could get some glasses. I see the house is nice and tidy, but don’t worry, I’m not making reports for your parents! Since you are now officially grown up it’s up to you what you do, but I bet that as a lad you… Read more

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Carol No Inhibitions Part one

HardcoreFetishGroup Sex

Carol No Inhibitions Part one I am going to stop here at this rest stop, its early and theres only one truck here, while you are in there I am going to call Jim, anything goes, so what happened, you were in there for awhile - I got matted my love, When I went into the womens room the guy was standing by one of the cubical doors, his cuck and balls were out and playing with himself, I told him I would rather do this in the mens room, he just said yes and we went in there, we stayed in the sink area, in front of a urinal, they were all the way to the floor and I could face the wall and hold ont… Read more

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Bigger Cock Always Wins

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

My wife Sarah has been friends with our neighbor Jill for a couple of years. They aren't best friends, but they sit around and drink coffee at least a few times each month. Sometimes they will bargain shop together. Jill's husband Mike is a consultant and travels each week returning home just for the weekend before he heads out again to solve a problem in Wichita or Boise. Last month Mike got laid off and he has decided to take a few months before starting to look for a new job. One morning Sarah was coming around the backside of Jill's house with some muffins she had just baked and what she… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 24

Lesbian SexGroup SexBDSM

Saturday was a beautiful day – sunny and warm with a cool breeze. The kind of day when you get everything you want. Kat woke up early, having suddenly decided she didn’t want to be a blonde anymore – at least for a while. She talked it over with her mom, who was open-minded and supportive, and together they drove to the d**g store and bought some purple dye. By 11:00 Kat looked like a whole different person. It also occurred to her that she wanted her own strap-on. She knew where there was a sex shop in the city – it was just a block from her uncle’s house, and her family had driven by it ma… Read more

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Big Cock Gets them Both

First TimeVoyeurGroup Sex

Jake had invited me to his club to play squash one Saturday and after completely dominating me we sat down in the men's grill to have a couple of drinks. Jake is a nice enough guy, but all he talks about are women and sex. Jake's wife is very attractive and more than ten years his junior, but he still can't stop talking about other women. We finally stopped sweating and headed to the shower room to clean up and head home. I undressed in the locker room, wrapped a towel around my waist and wandered around until I found the shower room. It was a single room with more than twenty shower heads, a… Read more

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The best season 2 :-P


When the best season starts you start to peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P. It was spring when I opened the door of my palace and, at the beginning of the ladders, i've find front of me, sitted, my sis, with a boy sitted beside her, I do not know if he was a boyfriend or lover: -P, my sis had a nice pair of black-transparent tights, with low shoes, and a skirt more or less at central-thigh, legs bent and closed, but in the movements, they could always open themself a little :-P, while we talking i peeked and not peeked, but… Read more

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My Partner's Car

FetishGay MaleMature

My partner bought himself a new Pontiac 6000 four door family style mid-size sedan right off the showroom floor at the local GM dealership in 1982 when they first came out. The first generation of these cars were carbureted with very quirky and stubborn tendencies when it came to cold starts. In our cold North American climate, if you left the car outside for a couple of hours with a strong cold wind blowing, the bitch would not start - you had to take a pen or a screwdriver or something long and stick it down into the choke to open it up and then crank it continually until it started. The… Read more

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