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Extra Service at the Massage Parlour

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It was not a big parlor though which was located in ECR road of chennai . Many business persons and some youth boys used to come here often . Many boys just come here just for enjoyment .. Me and 2 other ladies are working here ,where they used to do massage to the customers . Our owner was a lady and she comes here just for thrice in a month ... Let me tell about me first . I'm married… Read more

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Servant Fucked Me

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I am thought as the sexiest girl in the city with 36-24-36 and look very sexy in sleeveless T-shirt and tight fitting jeans. Our family consists of my brother my parents and me. I am regular reader so I wish to share my first true sex experience with other readers . We also have a servant in our house and his name is Sajid khan. He is 24 years old and having a wife in Bihar. This is my true story and myself (Natasha) narrates it. it is around two months… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 06

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"Aaahhh...Ohhhh....shiitttt!!! I screamed as my orgasm hit me in just a matter of seconds. Gurnam immediately slowed down his stroking but kept fucking my spasming pussy in slow and longer strokes which prolonged my orgasm. My mind was numb from such an intense orgasm and for a few seconds I had no clue of what was going on but a hard slap on my ass brought me back. "Ha ha ha ....looks like… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 05


Once the orgasm ended, I was still on my fours on the back seat of my car. I heard a zipper being opened. I looked back at Gurnam and he was pulling down his pants. He was ready to fuck me right inside my car but I couldn't risk continuing this. The black sedan was a close call and someone could show up or worse, call the police. I didn't want to get caught in such a situation. I couldn't le… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 04

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After a long night of passionate love making, I woke up to see my husband packing his clothes in a bag. I was naked under the sheets. I covered my breasts as I sat up and looked at the clock on the side table. "Good morning baby..." Arjun said, smiling at me. "Good morning Arjun. I am sorry; I couldn't get up on time." I said, still a little sleepy and tired from last nights romp. "Don't… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 03

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I hadn't heard from Gurnam for a last couple of days. He had said that he would call me or Arjun once he was ready with the car. As he mentioned, the car really needed a lot of work, so he was taking his time to fix it. I didn't bother to call him and neither did Arjun. The Gurnam incident was a past and I didn't bother Arjun at this time of the year. It was the last quarter of the year an… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 02

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The weekend passed by quickly and on Monday morning Arjun joined me at the dinning table for breakfast. After a hurried breakfast he wore his suite and was about to leave before he reminded me to take the car to the garage. I just nodded and he gave me a kiss and left. The memories of the other day were still fresh and I wanted to avoid going to the garage but with summer approaching, driv… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 01

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Ah...Ahh... don't open your eyes Aditi." Arjun said as he guided me through the door of our house to the parking. A few minutes ago, Arjun, my husband had sneaked into our house and closed his palms on my eyes from behind. Startled, I was about to scream when I recognized his voice. He said it that he had bought a surprise gift for me. I knew what the gift was. I had not been hinting him… Read more

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My Cousin Terri


The nature of my relationship with my Cousin has just changed forever. Terri and I have always been very close. I am only six months older than her and I won't lie to you. Ever since we were teenagers I have dreamt about fucking her. When we were growing up my family lived in Waterbury and she lived in Naugatuck which is the next town over. We would see each other on Holidays. Our families would get together on Christmas Eve at their house, they would come to our house on New Year's Eve, and we would go back to their's for New Year's Day. Memorial Day at their house for a big barbeque,… Read more

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Secret worship


It’s got to be secret hasn’t it? You can hardly go up to a girl and tell Her, can you? The conversation would go like this: “Hullo Miss, you don’t know me, but I‘ve been worshipping you for some time. I’m not making a pass, that’s not what I do. I’m just a wanker, I only look at girls, I don’t do dating or anything like that, in fact I’m amazed I’m talking to you as usually I’m too bashful and tongue-tied, specially when it comes to girls I worship so much, like I do you. “I’m not sure what else to say, uhm, I do these sheets with your name on and say all sorts of things about what you make… Read more

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My wife at work


My mobile rings. “Hi. John?” “Yes”. “Hi John, it’s Chris”. I should explain that Chris is the man who employs my wife, part time. He’s a sole practitioner with his own professional services firm and other than him, she is the only other person in the office. She only goes in two or three times a week but they have an ‘arrangement’ which needs some explaining. Basically, she has agreed to always wear seamed stockings and high heels when she’s in that office and he further insists that she either wears a quarter cup bra or no bra at all. Each day when she’s there she gives Chris hand relief… Read more

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Blood Wine in Paris

First TimeTaboo

My class was the first one to stray from the traditional Gulf Coast senior class trip. We saved, we fund-raised, many of us worked two jobs every summer leading into our senior year with the intent of swaying our school to allow the entirety of our class to get passports and fly to Paris, France for a week of excitement and fun. Our teachers hemmed and hawed at the idea, tallying up costs and lamenting that many of our students wouldn’t be able to afford such a lavish trip. That’s when we struck. We already had the funds for all 30 of our classmates as well as 6 teachers to cover the cost of… Read more

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Honey And Moon Night

First TimeBDSMHardcore

I am writing some thing more about my life. First week after my marriage was very much busy day and night, day with relatives and night with my hubby in the bed, he loves me very much, caress my body all the night and even give me tongue bath which I likes very much, after one week we go for the honeymoon to Muree and Nathia Gali ( Hilly stations in Pakistan) and there I learnt a lot from my hubby, We both were feeling very good there in that cold area, One night my hubby take a blue film and we planned to see this in t… Read more

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My Horny Story

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was born in India but moved to England with my parents when I was 2 and have been brought up with English values. My boyfriend is English and really loves Indian girls and as he likes your story section so much I thought I’d surprise him with a true story from my past. When I was 17 and still at school I had a boyfriend called Tariq, we enjoyed a great sex life and he adored my 34c 23 33 body and short height which makes my breasts look bigger, during sch… Read more

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AMULYA - My True Story

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I am thankful because of the website that I could meet love of my life and enjoy myself to the hilt. In my earlier story I had told you that I married but could not be satisfied by my husband on my wedding day. So read on. We went to honey moon but the same story was repeated. One day he got a little hard and broke my cherry! He came in 4 to 5 strokes. He felt at the top of the world but I felt miserable! I now showed my husband a story in the personal… Read more

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AMULYA Turns into a Slut-2

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I did not know the actual mechanics of the love game. I had no idea of what actually would happen, how it would start and where it would go. But I knew I wanted to get fucked by him. He chuckled and said “ You little bitch. You are in a big hurry”. I looked up at his handsome face. He grinned and said “ Wait darling. You are too young for this. “I was not not only hot and bothered, but an… Read more

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AMULYA Turns into a Slut

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am 26 today. A fully satisfied woman. My nipples no longer throb with uncompleted satisfaction and my cunt no longer pulses with unmet needs. Instead my nipples look forward to being strummed by the tongue and fingers of my lovers and my cunt looks forward to being filled by my lovers hard and ever ready cock. I experience every day and many times a day the exquisite feeling of hot male cum dribbling out of my cunt and flowing slowly down my thighs while the hot saliva of my lovers dry on my nipples. I feel the touch of h… Read more

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Amulya Seduces Her Sister's Boyfriend

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Which I hate. My mother and father call me by my full name all the time and my older sister does when she really wants to get to me. The rest of the time, she calls me Pint. That started when she was a first year in college and I was in the school. She wanted to go to the movies with her two tota girlfriends and Mummy made her take me along. Of course, I'm the one she blamed for it. She w… Read more

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Muslim Amira - Chapter 2

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My experience with Jessica impacted me even more than you'd expect anybody's first sexual experience with another person would. I can't lie and say there wasn't initially a certain amount of shame. You don't grow up in an environment like mine and throw it off in the space of a few minutes. Shame is a concept that any Muslim woman will know more about than you can imagine, shame and honour are what we are brought up to regard as the most important things. But the shame was outweighed by the relief. It confirmed to me that sexual experiences with other women were just as good as I'd imagined th… Read more

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Carmen, Leslie and Joe

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I had been working late and was looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home when I saw another car parked in our driveway as I pulled in home. I wasn't sure what to expect and when I entered I didn't see Joe, but then I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I quietly walked down the hall and peeked into the bedroom. To my surprise there was Joe laying on the bed with a really attractive, nude girl laying on her side next to him sucking his hard cock. "That's it baby" I heard Joe say "Suck that fuckin' cock" he added "Suck it better than my fuckin' wife does" he then said to her as she… Read more

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